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Monday, May 30, 2016

Wandering around in a forest

Consider the following words:

പര്യടനം = touring around
ഭിക്ഷാടനം = wandering around begging
ദേശാടനം = traveling around places

If you suspected they all came from possibly the same root, your suspicion would be right.

പര്യടനം = പരി + അടനം
ഭിക്ഷാടനം = ഭിക്ഷ + അടനം
ദേശാടനം = ദേശ + അടനം

The word അടനം means traveling around. It comes from the Sanskrit root "at". In Sanskrit, അടതി = he/she travels.

Another word that comes from the same root is അടവി. It means forest. Forest is called അടവി because once can wander around in a forest.

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