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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Did you know the origin of the word for door?

വാതിൽ came from വായ് - mouth.

വായ്‌ + ഇൽ = വായിൽ which got modified to വാതിൽ!

Of course, the door is the mouth of the house!


mit said...

It does not come from vaya, it comes from vata or air, as in vatayana

Vinod said...

I did not think about that. Do you have a reference?

The one in the post, I took the etymology from Sabdatharaavali.

mit said...

ok, i did some more looking up. I thought I had read a reference to vata, but cannot find it. You are correct, it definitely is coming from vaj. Tami, it is vaytal. Do you an online link to shabdataravali??

Vinod said...

oh cool. i didn't know the tamil word. makes sense.

sorry, i couldn't find an onilne link. I have the hardcopy that i got from India.