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Thursday, July 18, 2013


ശങ്കരൻ is a fairly common Indian name. Of course, it is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

Ever wondered about its etymology?

ശം is an old Sanskrit word that means 'happiness'. കരൻ means 'doer'.
Therefore, ശങ്കരൻ means 'one who causes happiness' or 'bringer of happiness'. (The ങ് sound comes because of the സന്ധി rules - മ് + ക = ങ് + ക = ങ്ക.)

If you know the specific story behind how Lord Shiva got that name, please share it in the comments section.


mit said...

Can you please do etymology of words for relations/relatives in malayalam. brother, sister,mother, father etc. I would greatly appreciate if you do a writeup. thanks in advance

Vinod said...

Dear mit, I have added a new post

Relatively Speaking