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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trees and Umbrellas

In the previous post I had asked about the compound word: പാദപദാതപത്രം. It can be decomposed as follows:

പാദപം = tree (പാദ + പം = that which drinks with feet)
ദം = given by
ആതപം = ആ + തപം = hot sunlight
ത്രം = that which obstructs
ആതപത്രം = umbrella

Thus the words means an umbrella given by a tree!
(I didn't have any story in mind when I posed this question - just the alternating പ and ത sounds in the word.)


Quite interested said...

Hellow Vinod
I'm quite interested in entomology of words especially of 2 languages i speak English and Malayalam. I was reading about the entomology of the word fox and wiki explained a link about a Proto-Indo-European origin from puk(tail) and links it to sanskrit puchcha(tail). My question is: does that explain poochcha(cat) in malayalam?

Vinod said...

Sorry, I saw this very late.

In ശബ്ദതാരാവലി it says the origin is from പൂച്ചുന്നത് , one that scratches, pinches with the claw, etc.