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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sticking the neck out

Neck is കഴുത്തു്. Its root, കഴു.

Let us look at some other words that start with കഴു:
  • കഴുമരം - gallows (കഴു + മരം )
  • കഴുവേറി (offensive, use carefully) - thief (കഴു + ഏറി)
All linked to the meaning of neck. But how about:
  • കഴു - to wash (കഴുകുക)
  • കഴുത - donkey!
  • കഴുകന്‍ - vulture
Not sure how these are linked to neck. One might argue that the load is put on a donkey's back or around its neck. Also, the vulture has an especially curved neck.

But how about the meaning of "to wash"?

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